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Reasons to rent a boat in Ibiza

Ibiza is one of the world's most important destinations for sea bathing and parties. With a boat rental ibiza, it is possible to discover every corner of the most hidden coast of Ibiza.The possibilities offered by IbizaIbiza is south of the Balearic Islands. It is also one of the most exclusive destinations to sail. Along its coasts, there are beaches and coves that allow you to relax and unwind. Ibiza also offers a variety of leisure and entertainment. Tourists, [...]

Rent a boat with Samboat while on vacation

SamBoat, an online marketplace that links ship and yacht operators to individuals who want to rent a boat them for their next vacation or adventure, has moved into the super yacht industry with a number of tiny super yachts added to its fleet.Adequate for low-cost boat rentalIt has now been the responsibility of the start-up companies to post on the Internet a number of ships whose owner has submitted for rent. We can't claim that these are illegal ships because [...]

Amazing boating adventures around Europe

Amazing boating adventures around Europe
An insight into a few of best places to visit accross EuropeThanks to services like Samboat, a boat rental has never been easier, so why not plan one of the following trips for yourself, with family or friends :Sicily, ItalySailors are attracted to this part of the Mediterranean for its famous beaches, secluded anchorages and quiet fishing villages. You will want to spend some time in the port of Palermo as this ancient city begs to be explored. [...]

Pack travel in St Barts

Pack travel in St Barts
Travelling in the Caribbean can be expensive if you do not know how. For details, see the website. The country still offers many opportunities for discovery and several offers very diversified stays. Depending on the desires of everyone, tastes and budget, it is always possible to go on a trip to St Barts differently. All holiday can not be similar from one year to another with several proposals for tour operators. Yet it is difficult to choose between traveling in packs and customized ( [...]

Si lo desea, puede alquilar nuevos veleros en Ibiza

La mejor vista de la costa de Ibiza se puede ver desde el mar. Si nunca has tenido la oportunidad de navegar como capitán del barco, puedes alquilar un barco sin licencia y disfrutar de medio o un día entero en las aguas del Mediterráneo.Alquiler de barcos sin licenciaPuede elegir uno de los siguientes tipos de embarcaciones:- Zodiac: embarcaciones a motor para desplazarse cómodamente de una cala a otra, atravesando la costa (alquiler barcos ibiza) [...]

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